Are you preparing for the EIKEN exam?

At Hikmah Learning we have experienced, professional, and result proven instructors. We can help you or your child prepare for any grade level of the Eiken exam. The EIKEN exam is administered by the by the Japanese Ministry of Education and is accepted at thousands of high schools, colleges and universities around Japan and the world. For a Japanese student, doing well on the EIKEN exam can be the difference between getting into a good school or not. Are you ready to take the EIKEN test?

If you answered, ‘no or not sure‘, you may want to speak with one of Hikmah’s consultants. You can speak with one of our consultants to establish a learning plan and goals for the Eiken exam. If you would like to schedule a trial EIKEN class, it is ½ price, and no commitment.


Eiken Lessons

$35 per hour

Ways to Get a Discount at Hikmah:

  • 8+ Discount (pay for at least 8 hours at one time)
  • Family Discount
  • Corporate Discount (ask how your company can receive a corporate rate with Hikmah)
  • Semi-Private Lesson Discount (if you choose to take a lesson with another individual, then the rate is reduced per person)